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Welcome to ProstateTracker™, a free and anonymous prostate cancer early detection system that makes prostate cancer risk visible.
240,000 men are diagnosed each year with prostate cancer and almost 29,000 men die every year, simply because their prostate cancer was found too late for effective treatment. We recommend that men begin PSA testing at age 35 to establish a baseline that will show any increases over time.

ProstateTracker™ tracks any changes in your PSA number or your Prostate Health Index(PHI) number. You just create your free account, enter your test results, and ProstateTracker™ will show you if there is a rising trend. Then, ProstateTracker™ will send you an email reminder when your next test is due.

The Cancer Journeys Foundation is pleased to be able to provide this free service.

We do not ask for any personal information so you remain completely anonymous.

Once you activate your account, please ‘pay it forward’ by joining our “Just Get 6!” program. One in everyone six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Telling six of your colleagues about ProstateTracker™ may just save a life. Priceless!

Just like public radio, ProstateTracker™ is supported by donations from people like you. Please take a moment and make a donation by clicking the blue button at the top of the screen.

Prostate cancer doesn’t care. But we can!

Warm regards,

The Cancer Journeys Foundation is a registered 501 (c)(3) Non-profit charity, FEIN 81-1880936.
Robert Warren Hess Robert Warren Hess
Cancer Journeys Foundation
Prostate Cancer Survivor
Class of 2003